Ohio Republican Speaker Boehner Viewed as 2013 Scrooge Despite Former Senator John McCain Immigraiton Aide

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Hell no we are not going to calm down through the Holidays, knowing Republican Speaker Boehner has ties to ALEC and lobbyists with their backroom deals and encouraging private prison profits in detaining immigrants who work agricultural field jobs Americans don’t want.  We will continue to step it up and remind every Mexican-American Latino voter out there how Republicans failed to act on immigration reform even though the Democratic-controlled Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill months ago.  We will put pressure on RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Speaker Boehner through the holidays and paint them the scrooges that they are. Speaker Boehner wants to pacify us with the Rebecca Tallent move, but how can we have peace when so many of our people suffer during the Christmas Season?  What will pacify us now is Boehner (who has control of the House of Representatives schedule) putting CIR up for vote this year.

As Boehner has plans to put off CIR, he and RNC Chariman Reince Priebus are making a grave mistake when informed Latino voters will remember the lack of urgency and inaction in 2013 because it will stay fresh in our 2014 election minds when we cast our ballots at the booth. Why is Speaker Boehner’s using a Senator John McCain former aid when he can simply support the bipartisan plan Senator John McCain introduced?  All Speaker Boehner has to do is put tthe legal comprehensive immigration reform bill (CIR) on the floor considering we  already know we have the bipartsian votes according to Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Nationally syndicated radio show host via Carlos Galindo spoke in great detail with regard toSpeaker Boehner’s hire of former Senator John McCain’s aid via Rebecca Tallent on his show today.  Keep in mind, Galindo has the ear of thousands of immigrants, Latinos, Mexican-Americans and the Chicano community nationwide. His influence is growing with his left of center political talk show.

But “El Toro” via Carlos Galindo is not easily fooled.  Below are the points Galindo brought up on his show regarding Becky Tallent, and I wholeheartedly agree with his analysis of this move:

“Becky will use her immigration muscle with an attitude from her to the tune of ‘I’ve got experience don’t challenge me,’ but….she has to be a master manipulator in light of  her experience with think tanks.”

“Is the Becky Tallent move a deceptive ploy to delay immigration reform this year?”

“Immigration activists must ask her specific questions like:  Where are you on path to citizenship, border security and visas?”

“Are Republicans gonna dip their finger in the porridge and simply give us the “Rebecca Tallent” flavor, while Latinos are ignored the nutrients and a part of what is inside that bowl?  Republicans don’t want to give us what is in the bowl, but simply tease us with a flavor to pacify us through the holidays.”

Galindo used a familiar Spanish expression to this immigration / Latino audience:  ’Nos quieren dar atole con el dedo” which means they are wanting to give us a taste, but not the entire bowl. Atole, by the way is a form of grits. Here is a definition: “Atole was served in the morning and evening. It is a hot cereal made of ground, roasted grain; not unlike Cream of Wheat or Grits.” 

“It’s typical for false leaders to entice you with a little bit of something, rather than ensuring you get at least enough to receive the “nutrients” you need.  A little bit of grits with the finger so you can taste it, but never get the whole thing.”

Galindo also referenced Becky Tallent as a Christmas caroler Speaker Boehner offers to immigration activists in an effort to pacify us because he has been shamed from Latino voters across the Nation during his Thanksgiving Holiday.   Boehner probably believes the Christmas caroler might calm immigration activists throughout his 3 week Christmas vacation and he wants as much peace from criticism as possible.  But how can he expect us to calm down when we know 11 million families across the Nation are still suffering?


Speaking of suffering, After 22 continuous days of fasting, the four primary leaders of the Fast for Families Immigration Action, Eliseo Medina, Dae Joong Yoon, Cristian Avila, and Lisa Sharon Harper, have ended their fast today. They had abstained from all food since November 12, and vowed to fast until they could no longer physically do so.


Republican leaders and Speaker Boehner ignore those who are fasting for keeping immigrant families together in 2013.

Republican leaders and Speaker Boehner ignore those who are fasting for keeping immigrant families together in 2013, yet, the best he could do was ‘dar atole con el dedo’ which essentially is a slap in the face to Latino voters.  No CIR 2013 vote = No GOP 2014 vote.

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