March 20, 2014
Contact: DeeDee Blase

Press Releases

Primary Contact:  Carlos Galindo 
Secondary Contact:  DeeDee Garcia Blase
Galindo:  "Shame on Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery for playing politics with the life of a Veteran! We want justice!"
Phoenix, AZ -- Somos Independents is happy to announce Carlos Galindo (patriotic Mexican-American and nationally syndicated radio show host) switch his Party affiliation to one of an Independent registered voter. Our growing demographics and population point towards the likes of Carlos Galindo ousting the likes of Rush Limbaugh within 10 years.   Carlos Galindo is a key component to helping organize the growing registered Independent voters in Arizona as well as our Nation.  
According to AZ Central:
"Independents now are the largest bloc of voters in the state. The group that was only 13 percent of Arizona's electorate 20 years ago has now overtaken the long-dominant Republican Party, comprising now 35 percent of Arizona's voters."  
We believe extremism from the far right and far left ruin it for our Nation. Indeed Blue Dog Democrats like Rep. Kyrsten Sinema should not be rewarded by the Democratic Party particularly when she supported Arizona's SB 1225
Our first Independent movement project with Carlos Galindo will begin with helping a widow via Nohemi Harding who was married to John Harding before his tragic death.  John Harding was a veteran of the United States Armed Forces when  he was killed by Officer Sean Pearce after he received a tip and was in pursuit of working that tip.  In this video, it appears no lights and sirens were used while in pursuit by Pearce.  Sources say Officer Pearce was speeding at over 80 mph and we are asking the Maricopa County Attorney Office to investigate and charge Pearce because Law Enforcement officers must have higher standards than the rest of the public.  Law Enforcement officers must follow safe traffic rules in order to prevent wrongful deaths of civilians.
Carlos Galindo states:
Shame on Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery for playing politics with the life of a Veteran! We want justice!
Somos Independents have noticed Montgomery busy in giving his endorsements of other Arizona politicians when he ought to investigate law enforcement officer(s) who kill innocent civilian(s) particularly respected veterans who have served our Armed Forces.
We are asking both the Maricopa County Attorney's office as well as the Arizona Attorney General's office to investigate this matter forthwith.   
Widow Wants Justice For Veteran John Harding Killed By MCSO Officer Sean Pearce
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An Independent American Voter Group merging Tip O'Neill Democrats and Ronald Reagan Republicans.