Puerto Rican-Led Website Attacks Chicana Icon Dolores Huerta

Latino Rebels is a website founded by Julio Varela (a Puerto Rican American) who took issue with a woman-led movement via the Tequila Party. Since then, we are told Julio is currently with Latino USA after being let go of with Al Jazeera.   The Tequila Party is a Mexican-American / Chicana counter movement to the racist Tea Party, and Julio had no idea what the anti-immigrant pulse was in the border states.   We see another writer join the Latino Rebels ranks via Hector Luis Alamo -- another Puerto Rican, who is attacking Dolores Huerta who is a strong Chicana leader with years of advocacy under her belt.

That said, perhaps this is the time to school Hector with regard to Mexican American Chicanos making up almost 70% of the entire population pie; and while Puerto Ricans make up 9% of the population pie, it is not wise for the likes of Latino Rebels to continue to attack Chicana and Chicano leaders.  This strategy will backfire on PR's when they need our population numbers during their time of need. 

While Latino Rebels writer Hector Luis Alamo may consider Dolores Huerta a liar, those of us in the great southwest will have her back.   Shame on Hector for his attack on our Chicana hero.  Latino Rebels ought to change their name from "Latino" Rebels to Puerto Rican rebels.  They have a history of attacking Chicano icons through and through.



Hector Luis Alamo
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