Red Carpet Employment Day to Assist local valley Homeless/Houseless Community on November 8


Via Angel Garcia:


Red Carpet Employment Day is a unique opportunity for community organizations and private individuals to assist the homeless/houseless community in the metropolitan Phoenix area. The event will consist of three major components; employment, outreach, and awareness.

We are requesting the following items for the event:

1.) Interview appropriate attire (for on-site & off-site interviews)
2.) Dress shoes (for on-site & off-site interviews)
3.) Bread and Peanut Butter (for to go lunches)
4.) Granola bars, crackers, nuts (for to go lunches)
5.) Sandwich bags and lunch bags
6.) hangers (for storing clothes on racks)
7.) Toner (Dell 113x)
8.) Resume paper
9.) Old computer or laptop with USB port (looks like we have this one covered)
10.) Thumbdrives (USB flash drives)
11.) folders (for storing resumes when printed)

For more information and to see what items are still needed please feel free to contact Angel Garcia @ (623) 418-6056 or via email @ [email protected]

Thank you for your help and your support in this endeavor.

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