Regarding Don Young's "Wetback" Slur -- Rep. John Boehner isn’t the leader of the Republican Party — Chairman Reince Priebus Is

We are glad to see Republicans like Rep. John Boehner speak out against Rep. Don Young — a Republican of Alaska who used the defamatory term “wetback” recently on a radio show program.  However, Boehner is not the leader of the Republican Party — Chairman Reince Priebus is the current leader and Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Chairman Reince Priebus has access to emails and addresses of registered Republicans and GOP Precinct Committeemen across the nation (not Boehner), and he has the tools to communicate to Party members and leaders in an effort to educate and avoid terms that are considered discriminatory and offensive in the new millennium.

Russell Pearce is currently the 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party and continues to use the slur “wetback” despite being told it is offensive.

Mexican-Americans are sick and tired of Republicans using these discriminatory terms and we have been informing Republican politicians such as Russell Pearce (currently 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona GOP) that we consider this term unacceptable.   Russell Pearce used the offensive term “wetback” on an Arizona Radio station almost 7 years ago — and we still see Republicans use that offensive term today.  This is precisely why Mexican-Americans have left the GOP, and this ought to be of concern to the RNC considering those of Mexican descent make up almost 70% of the entire “Latino” population pie.   It will take communication from the top via Priebus in order to stop the cancerous hate against Mexicans, and he ought to remember how the Father of the Republican Party via Abraham Lincoln fought against the anti-Mexican hatred as early as 1848.

Since Rep. Don Young has made claim the offensive term was commonly due to his farm upbringing in California, this ought to be a clear reason why Reince Priebus should educate Party leaders on what is considered dehumanizing, discriminatory and offensive today.

Priebus could easily educate Party leaders within all 50 states quite simply via a memo.

How many more times must we hear offensive and dehumanizing terms before the Republican Party leadership educates their Party leaders and public officials?

Should these tax payer-funded officials like Rep. Don Young receive a type of human resource training that educates what is considered discriminatory and offensive?  United States elected officials are paid to do a job that is funded by United States citizens and they ought to be held to the same standards as other government employees.

Let it be understood that if we do not see the current Chairman of the RNC recommend the resignation of Rep. Don Young … we will consider it another slap in the face towards Mexican-Americans and Latinos.  We want to remind the Chairman how the 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party continues to use these slurs despite being told it is offensive.   We should encourage progress and forward thinking and resist ideas that predate the ugly pre Civil Rights era.


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