Republican Bob Dole is right — the GOP should be ‘closed for repairs’

Bob Dole, former GOP lawmaker of Kansas and World War II veteran of our Armed Forces

Bob Dole, former GOP lawmaker of Kansas and World War II veteran of our Armed Forces


Bob Dole is right on with his recent message.  The Republican Party should be closed for repairs.

As a former Republican (now I’m an independent registered voter), I voted for Bob Dole when he ran against President Clinton.  I was just ending my active duty career  in the United States Air Force (going into non-active duty status) at the time that I made that vote and I was still living in Kansas after receiving orders to McConnell AFB, KS.   I do favor veterans who served our country (especially during war) and Bob Dole was a World War II veteran.

The Tea Party effectively turned the GOP into the Party of No and a bunch of bigots.

Just in from CNN:

GOP should be ‘Closed for repairs,’

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(CNN) – National Republicans have shifted so drastically in the past decade that the party’s most vaunted figure – former President Ronald Reagan – would no longer find a home in the GOP, former Sen. Bob Dole claimed Sunday.

“Reagan couldn’t have made it,” Dole said, adding he too would also have faced challenges in today’s Republican Party.

Instead of operating day-to-day in a nonelection year, the national party should focus on broader plans to rehabilitate itself after the losses of 2012, the former Kansas lawmaker said.

“I think they ought to put a sign on the national committee doors that says ‘Closed for repairs’ until New Year’s Day next year. Spend that time going over ideas and positive agendas,” Dole, who was the Republican nominee for president in 1996, said on “Fox News Sunday.”  FULL STORY HERE>>>

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