Trump's Talk Of Penis Raises War Mongering Red Flags During GOP Debate

A historic moment happened during the GOP Debate yesterday when Donald Trump mentioned his penis size during what is supposed to be a serious event as Americans decide who will lead the United States as commander in chief.  Both Senator Marco Rubio and Donald Trump have contributing to the circus we see during the GOP Debates.

Stanford research finds when masculinity is threatened, men renounce stereotypical feminine traits and exaggerate masculine traits showing signs of aggression, and according to the Business Wire:

The phrase “real man” usually brings to mind images of muscular athletes or military heroes, men who are physically strong, aggressive, and powerful. Those depictions of masculinity may seem outdated in a society where the notion of gender is ever-evolving, but in fact many men still want to project an image of physical strength and preferences that clearly set them apart from women, says Benoît Monin, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business.  … The findings also say something about male consumer behavior.

I think Monin may be on to something here because last night the Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said he wanted to buy bigger and better military weaponry.  Americans are already footing the bill with our taxpaying money as billions already go into our military and Department of Defense.  We want fiscal responsibility – not someone trying to prove his masculinity.  We do not need overcompensation of military weaponry because of identity concerns one has.

A woman has never served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS); therefore, an option would be voting in our first woman President who has the experience to be our Commander in Chief.   So many women in the US are related to sons, daughters or relatives currently serving our armed forces, and we are feeling apprehensive and pressure with regard to the multiple wars we have been engaged in. It would be helpful knowing that more women are part of the "military advisory committee", which helps plan joint operations and resolutions of military problems because, as it stands, there appears to be too much testosterone fueling those key decisions.  Talks by Donald Trump wanting to buy to buy more weaponry on steroids do not calm the fears of military families and dependents.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations:

Because of her [Secretary of State Hillary Clinton] worldwide popularity and tireless travel—she set a new record for a secretary of state by visiting 112 countries—Clinton helped undo the damage that the habitual unilateralism of the George W. Bush administration had done to the global image of the United States.

…  Like George Shultz, Ronald Reagan’s revered secretary of state, Clinton regularly stressed that diplomacy and economic development must go hand in hand. She preached that helping partner countries achieve social stability—built on progress on health, food security, and women’s rights—would create stronger alliances and new paths to solving traditional foreign policy problems.

As a veteran of the United States military, I believe the Republican candidates are showing signs of more war mongering evident in last night’s GOP debate.  Americans are tired of spending too much of our money in other countries and we want and need to fix our own Homeland issues first.  

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