New Poll: Republican Speaker Boehner Stalls Immigration Despite American Independent Voters Wanting Broken System Fixed This Year

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Republican Speaker Boehner continues to stall and delay fixing the broken immigration system.  He is in control of putting legal immigration reform up for vote but continues to put off  his federal responsibility as a federal appointed official to fix the broken immigration system.  Americans and key swing independent voters want legal immigration reform this year.  Not next year as Speaker Boehner proposes.  Speaker Boehner said immigration "could" happen next year.  Who's he kidding?  He is a tool using immigration as a political football.   He's been putting legal immigration off since President Obama was re-elected in 2012 and after the Republican Party discovered they could never win a single future Presidential election cycle without the Hispanic vote, the woman vote and key swing independent vote.  As a former 20 year Republican registered voter, I left the Party for good and voted for the first Democratic President via Obama in 2012.  

Putting off legal immigration reform confirms to the American voter just how the Republican do-nothing House of Representatives are hell bent on stubborn grid lock views that rising independent voters are sick and tired of seeing in Washington D.C.   Independent moderate voters were against the government shutdown Republican Speaker Boehner, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was for.  Shutting down the government does nothing for Americans, just as it does nothing to do nothing with regard to fixing the broken immigration system. 

Here is what a recent poll dated July 2014 states:

Voters Want Immigration Reform This Year

On July 9th, the Partnership for a New American Economy, the Business Roundtable, and the National Association of Manufacturers released the findings of a national survey and 26 state surveys.

Findings include:

  • Voters across the country recognize the immigration system is broken: By a 12 to 1 ratio, voters believe the system is in need of fixing versus those who think the system is functioning the way it should. 86% of Republicans believe Congress should take action to fix the immigration system. 79% of Independents agree.
  • Voters overwhelmingly reject the argument that President’s unwillingness to enforce laws is grounds not to pass immigration reform: Nearly 3 out of 4 voters (72%) reject the argument that the Administration’s unwillingness to enforce laws is a reason for Congress not to act. 2 out of 3 Republicans reject this argument as well. That number increases to 69% among Independents.
  • Voters don’t want Washington to wait to fix the immigration system: 80% of voters want Congress to act this year, with nearly half calling it “very important” they act this year. In every region, at least 73% of voters believe it is either very or somewhat important that Congress act on immigration reform this year. 77% of Republicans say it is important that Congress act, while 53% say it is very important. 74% of Independents believe it is important for Congress to act this year.
  • Voters support the principles outlined by House leadership: More than 60% of voters support the basic immigration plan laid out in Speaker Boehner’s “immigration standards.” 54% of Republicans support an immigration reform plan that secures our borders, expands visas for high-skilled workers and farm workers, provides an employer verification program, allows young persons brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents an opportunity to earn citizenship, and provides visas to live and work here legally to undocumented immigrants without a criminal record who pay penalties and pay back taxes. Only 37% oppose. Among Independents, 62% support and only 26% oppose.
  • Voters support establishing a legal status for undocumented immigrants: 2 out of 3 voters support legal status for undocumented immigrants. A majority of Republicans (54%) support legal status.
  • Republicans want their next presidential candidate to support immigration reform: Republicans would rather vote for a presidential candidate in 2016 that is from a party that supports reform (71%) than one from a party that opposes it (15%).

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automated national telephone survey was conducted between June 24th and June 28th, 2014 by Harper Polling, Inc. The sample size for the national survey is 1,000 likely voters and the margin of error is +/-3.1 percent.

View national survey results below:

PNAE National Immigration Poll Toplines

PNAE National Immigration Poll Crosstabs

The state surveys were conducted by Harper Polling, Inc. between June 22nd and July 3rd , 2014 and surveyed sample sizes ranging from 500 to 855. The margins of error range from 4.0 to 4.38%.

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