Rising Registered Independent Voters Should Vote Out Tea Party Republicans for Government Shutdown

How do we solve and avoid government shutdown?

Easy -- we ensure that our US Representatives and Senators will not get paid while our government has been shutdown. 

We also ought to vote out the tea party extremists and inform the rising independent voters to participate more during off year election season.

Congress must not get a paycheck for their failure to work on a bipartisan level and conduct what is in the best interest of our Nation.  Their actions confirm why many are leaving the GOP and joining the ranks of other independent registered voters. 




We are the key swing independent voters in national elections, voting on the issues instead of party.  Somos Independents and their members are encouraged to participate in the below national call.

Join Jackie Salit on a National Conference Call for Independents

We’re Just Getting Started!

Tuesday, October 15
at 8:00 PM ET
(7:00 CT, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT)

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