Road to Independents - By Angel Garcia (Arizona Activist and Community Organizer)

Road to Independents (3 E’s)

By Angel Garcia

to develop mentally, morally, or aesthetically especially by instruction

synonyms: teach, instruct, lesson, school, train, tutor

Question: What (Who) is an (I)independent voter?

1.) Workshops and Seminars (e.g. government 101, rundown of numbers, contacting media, hyper-partisanship and gridlock, etc.) i.e. sharing the knowledge of independence of a party structure.

2.) Informational flyers (e.g. you CAN vote in the primary, you NEED to request ticket by party, etc) i.e. Get out the vote, remind people of legal rights, etc.

to attract artfully or adroitly or by arousing hope or desire; to take in or include as a part, item, or element of a more inclusive whole
Synonyms: allure, beguile, lure, seduce, solicit, tempt

Question: Why should I become an (I)independent voter?

1.) Build neighborhood teams (recruit community leaders) i.e. recruitment and retention

2.) Flood the media (issue press releases identifying yourself as an independent voter, rallies and protests led by (I)independent community leaders, press conferences, etc.) i.e. Rapid response to keep (I)independents in the media; accountability

to promote the self-actualization or influence of
Synonyms: accredit, certify, commission, enable, invest, qualify, vest, warrant

Question: Where do I find (I)independents?

1.) Resources (Training, fundraisers, etc.) i.e. What tools are needed to survive politically as an independent here in Arizona?

2.) Independents in office (municipal first, then ‘go for the gold’) i.e. We use a tactic that has already worked for every other group that has power grabbed in the U.S. over the last 200 + years.

3.) Gain ownership of the word (I)independent (not undecided, uneducated, lazy, or waste of time voter) i.e. The parties have gone out of their way to diminish the term independent to mean something derogatory.

*Definitions and synonyms provided by: Merriam-Webster (


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