Escondido Key Swing Independent Voters Support Olga Diaz For Mayor

Women and swing independent voters support Olga Diaz for Mayor of Escondido


Our woman-led and key swing Independent voter group is supporting Olga Diaz for Escondido, California, Mayor. 

San Diego-area Independent registered voter via Victor Torres states:

I have known Olga Diaz for years. She is a founding member of my Rotary Club and has always been an accessible, articulate and well-prepared voice on the Escondido City Council.

Olga represents real change in Escondido, away from the racial politics that have plagued the city for years, and toward vision, collaboration and thoughtfulness.

Olga Diaz was elected to the City Council in 2008, and re-elected in 2012, by residents who want a government that is open and responsive. She have been a tireless advocate for open space, parks, trails, libraries, arts and core services that make Escondido a city with soul where families thrive and businesses grow.

As a woman-led organization consisting of mothers, aunts, grandmothers and etc., we have become hawkish with male politicians who have darkened the footsteps of American politics while cheapening it.   We have noted the current Mayor of Escondido via Sam Abed is a refugee himself (using our Nation as a safe haven), but has denied Central American infants and children refugees the same protection that was afforded to him.  


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