Scott Peters was Confident and Chill While Tea Party Carl DeMaio A Shrill During Debate

I watched the live debate between San Diego's Congressman Scott Peters vs. Tea Party candidate Carl DeMaio this evening and witnessed a number of issues that were brought up between immigration, the domestic violence issue regarding Ray Rice and the Washington Redskins issue. 

We know there are approximately 1/3 independent voters in the San Diego area, and independents typically support people before toeing the party line.  That said, we support the moderate and independent-leaning Rep. Scott Peters.

We were particularly happy with Rep. Peters, because he called a spade a spade and indentified the gridlock nature of Republican Spearker John Boehner who refuses to put CIR up for vote that was passed by our U.S. Senators over one year ago.  Peters stated:  "All we need is for Speaker Boehner to put legal immigration reform on the floor, and we would have it the next day." Peters also stated CIR stabilizes SSN, allows workers to earn path to citizenship by paying fees/fines.

On the other hand, Tea Party extremist and Anti-Latino candidate Carl DeMaio was only able to bring up securing the borders ONLY. He did not address the economic aspect what-so-ever immigrants bring into our Nation.

We also witnessed Tea Party candidate DeMaio side-stepping and avoiding issues important to women voters such as the Ray Rice domestic violence incident.   He casually wrote it off as a 'social' issue he didn't want to get into.  Nor would Carl DeMaio take a stance when the offensive name of the Washington Redskins was brought up

Overall it appeared Rep. Scott Peters was confident and 'chill' while Tea Party Carl DeMaio appeared hyper and shrill.

It's clear the calm cool and collected Peters is able to handle government business for another term -- therefore, we give him two thumbs up.

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