Sen Marco Rubio Right Regarding Sen. Ted Cruz Flip Flopping support of Pres. George W. Bush Immigration Plan in 2005

Last night we saw Republican Cuban American Sen. Marco Rubio expose Canadian / Cuban American Sen. Ted Cruz regarding his former support of immigration.  Sen. Ted Cruz was on the board of advisors for the Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute (HAPI) in 2005.  Every Latino leader who worked closely with the George W. Bush Administration in crafting a policy to promote comprehensive immigration reform will recall that Mr. Cruz was a prominent member of the Board of Advisors of the Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute (HAPI). Mr. Cruz and HAPI were very supportive of the President’s proposal. And it is well known Cruz was instrumental in helping the HAPI craft its policy and strategy on immigration reform.

Truth be told -- both Sens. Rubio and Cruz are flip floppers on immigration.  Rubio is a flip flopper because he reversed his stance on the gang of 8 immigration reform plan.  Rubio had the audacity to support Arizona's "papers please" law -- a draconian anti-immigrant piece of legislation that was later mostly gutted out by the Supreme Court.  Cruz reversed his immigration stance while he was running for his U.S. Senate seat in Texas.  More importantly, Cruz conveniently leaves out (of the immigrant discussion) how his own Cuban immigrant father bribed his way into the U.S.
So there you have it.  BOTH senators are flip floppers, but they are also hypocrites of the so-called small government and no welfare thinking because Mexican Americans (who comprise of the almost 70% of the "Latino" population pie) are well aware that Cuban immigrants receive tax funded government hand outs the minute the wet-foot-dry-foot policy is implemented.  Meanwhile the  Mexicans, Central Americans and other Latin ethnic immigrants get shipped back.
**Note:  Both Cuban Republicans have proven themselves ungrateful to the Bush dynasty ... 1) Sen. Marco Rubio ungrateful to Jeb Bush when Jeb stumped for him in Florida, and 2) Sen. Ted Cruz ungrateful to Texas former George W. Bush when the Bush administration helped Cruz come into power, too.  Both are power-hungry people who will step on those who helped them in the past politically in order to get ahead. 
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute (HAPI)
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute (HAPI)
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute (HAPI)
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