So-Called GOP Republican Architect Karl Rove Angering Independent Voters Attaching Labels




During the 2012 Elections, Karl Rove made a poor prediction when he told media he believed the Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was going to beat President Obama.  He wanted to risk playing the perception game in 2012, but perception will never trump reality.  The reality is this:  Women and Latino/Hispanic voters are voting more Democratic than Republican as they continue to increase bigotry and obstructionism we see with their out of control Tea Party. 

Now the Republican Karl Rove is angering Independent voters by trying to attach a 'conservative label' to how we are going to vote in 2014.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Independent voters become INDEPENDENT because we want independence from partisanship and the political games Karl Rove plays.  

Let me be clear: Independent voters do not want labels attached to us.  

We want to vote on a politician who puts people before Party, and we want to repudiate Rove with his perception game.  He is losing his edge in the new millenium and perhaps it ought to do him some good to retire, or at least begin to call a spade a spade again. 

Here's a spade for Karl Rove to look at and this time it comes from the Independent Voter Network (IVN).  According to IVN:  "The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. ... These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative." 

Catalina Camia of USA TODAY gets it right when she wrote: "More voters choose indie label, buck Democrats and GOP." writes: 


35% of the country today are independents, people who want to be a part of the political process, but they don’t want to be labeled and they don’t want to be dictated to by any political party. 


Independent voters are not made up of a bunch of bigots, in fact, it is the opposite.  We put people before Party agendas, and the Republican Party is going to have to clean their own mess within their Party structure before they think about attaching themselves to us .  The independent voter seeks independence from partisanship and what is hurting and dividing our Nation.  A House divided will not stand.  We must unite as Americans and do what is in the best interests of human beings who help and contribute to our Nation.  Immigrants are human beings who contribute to our nation, as well as billions of dollars to our tax coffers. 

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