Somos Independents 2015 Thanskgiving Day Commentary With Immigration Update

By DeeDee Garcia Blase,fl_keep_iptc,g_faces,h_365,w_652/byoyrv44bzybqmtgtp7h.jpg


As I wait for my bird to finish cooking...I decided to peruse the net with regard to Thanksgiving cartoons.  Much to my dismay, GOOGLE reminded me of this cartoon (click on link).  Obviously the cartoonist was ignorant to the fact that if it were not for immigrants, our national economy would be bankrupt, and our food would be double (maybe triple) what we already pay for.

Clearly the cartoonist was simple-minded with regard to global economies. For instance, China really doesn't have minimum wage laws the way the U.S. has implemented within our own system. In order for the U.S. to maintain our super power status, we have had to rely on competitive immigrant labor which essentially translates to our economy being as competitive as it can be given our laws.

Simpletons, bigots, isolationism, restrictionists and the economic ignorant have a way of killing the holiday magic and love that should grow.  And despite the “Debbie downers” and so forth – here we are.  Proving that our faith and belief in love is what makes life worth living for sometimes.

The moral of the story?

Keep believing. 

Keep planting seeds of love and fairness.

Some seeds won’t grow, but at least the end result come harvest time will be better than nothing.  Another year has passed by without immigration reform no thanks to the Tea Party Republicans, but at least we saw Obama support DACA and DAPA.  And now, we see Obama appealing an immigration ruling to the Supreme Court.


Thankful to God for our food and provisions for a good harvest.

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