Somos Independents Interview On Fernando Espuelas Show Regarding Growing Indie Voters Who Support Immigration Reform

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Photo: Only one chance - Election 2014.  Will we change Congress and save America?  Yes we will:

(Above) Fernando Espuelas Show writes:  Only one chance - Election 2014. Will we change Congress and save America? Yes we will:


On March 5, 2014, co-founder of Somos Independent via DeeDee Garcia Blase will be interviewed by Fernando Espuelas at 2:35 ET or 11:35 Arizona time to discuss the growing and key swing independent registered voter bloc.  Ms. Blase will discuss how immigration reform benefits our American economy and our Nation; and she will also help expose a few DREAM Act students who profit or benefit financially from crisis situations with their activism.  

On multiple occasions, politicians have made it loud and clear they are not driven by undocumented people who cannot vote, but by American registered voters.  Though the undocumented cannot vote, they can certainly help by encouraging their American relatives to vote on their behalf. 

SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is a Mexican-American / Latina led organization that encourages Get Out The Vote promoting legal immigration reform.  Our leaders within the movement consist of people are American first but we are also proud (not embarrassed) with our heritage albeit from Mexico, Uruguay, El Salvador, Venezuela and so forth.  

The Somos Independents voter group is keenly aware of how many millions of dollars Republicans and Democrats spend to reach out to our voter block group.  But, Independent voters are ready to DUMP THE TEA within the GOP

According to the Gallup, "Forty-two percent of Americans, on average, identified as political independents in 2013, the highest Gallup has measured since it began conducting interviews by telephone 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Republican identification fell to 25%, the lowest over that time span. At 31%, Democratic identification is unchanged from the last four years but down from 36% in 2008." 
According to the Independent Voter Network (IVN):  
"The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. ... These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative."  
As Independent voters' numbers rise, the GOP is hurt the most and many former Republican voters have already dumped the tea to leave the GOP. 
Somos Independents -- a group led by women and Mexican American / Latina(o) independent registered voters refuse to support taxation without representation ideas mentioned in Speaker Boehner's immigration proposal.    Our group does not consist of naive politically undereducated undocumented DREAM Act students who have been used and splintered by the GOP.  We know there are some undocumented DREAM Act student immigrants who are willing to take less not knowing the political consequences because the likes of Speaker Boehner are taking advantage of their desperate situations.  We know taxation without representation chips away at our very ideals that made this Nation great sparking the American Revolution.
As informed and educated voters, SOMOS INDEPENDENTS will repudiate taxation without representation ideas and it begins with dumping the tea within the GOP.  Independent voters are the new American revolutionists, and tyranny is tyranny. We cannot repeat the British taxation tyranny ideals we see the GOP attempting to propose in handling the undocumented immigrants. In fact, Social security and government benefits given to the aging population are exhausting our federal tax revenues, and in order to take care of our elderly, we must create new tax payers with new immigrants instead of increasing tax burdens on existing Americans.  

Blase will highlight genuine immigration activists concerns from the likes of Claudia Long on the Fernando Espuelas show, so tune in on March 5, 2014!

Genuine immigration activist via Claudia Longo states:

All I can say is the undocumented community feels left out by the dreamers organizations, who are trying to kill the only bill we have so far, the only real chance that came out of the senate. They are killing it by asking the wrong people to stop deportations and attaking the only ones who have showed support to the community of undocumented: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, DEMOCRATS AND JUST A FEW REOUBLICANS. Dreamers don't care about the rest of undocumented. Dremer organizations are ruining it for all of us. SELFISH, SHAME. PUSH FOR A COMPREHENSIVE REFORM FOR ALL. If your organizations were doing that, with all the power you guys have, we would have CIR for all now and deportations would've stopped.


And many other genuine CIR legal immigration reform activists chime in on hijackers of the movement -- see below: 

Haime Xvier Badillo Yo no estoy de acuerdo con el actuar de Erika andiola. lamento tambien que a las personas sigan los pasos de gente que absolutamente no tienen vela en este movimiento como son estos iranies. Más no podemos solamente culpar a ellos si no a la ignorancia de muchos dreamers y seguidores que no se dan cuenta el daño hacen y se hacen con estas acciones y todo el movimiento.. Lamentó nuestra capacidad intelectual como hispanos se limite a seguir a personas como a esos iranies radicales y poniendo en riesgo el estatus de personas inocentes entre sus patas. Asking for citizenship or nothing...? Hard to explain but we are not poquiteros hay que tirarle arriva... Si le tiras a lo poco, obtienes nada no lo olvides..

Richard O. Hornos So , Do you understand ?? Erika [Andiola]??? Haime just tagged you but you're getting innocent people following you when we fought for you and now you are exposing us to don't deliver the right message ?? I know you are there reading us. C'mon girl !! You got DACA benefit , don't mess this #CIR 

Claudia Longo I'll be there supporting ALL UNDOCUMENTED! Is unbelievable what Andiola is doing, making undocumented get arrested and deported

Alicia Lupercio I will fight for the ones are arrested at their jobs, driving ,but doing this stupidity?? 

Nora Adriana Viayra Apoyar a todos los indocumentados , no solo a una parte de ellos. hay que decir la verdad de las cosa es no equivacar el handamos un solo camino seremos mas.

Gail Mokry Shoultes For some reason civil disobedience to the point of getting arrested is the latest craze. CBA keeps trying to do the same thing here locally. 

Susan Pai I'm getting pretty damn tired of these spoiled snot nose kids like Ju Hong, Erika Andiola and even Gaby Pacheco now tweeting about their newfound celebrity status. I just came back from a Civil Rights panel with original Civil Rights leaders from the 60s and this aint no game. The fight we fight is the same fight African Americans have been fighting since 1965 and well before. True activists aim to collect on the promise yet unfulfilled made to African Americans when Lyndon B. Johnson presented the Voting Rights Act in 1965, 48 years ago. This aint no Celebrity Star Search of the Undocumented and I aint interested in your $20k speaking fees, your limo rides and your crocodile tears. Good, hard working people like Richard and Claudia are asking for a chance to become Americans, not seeking fame or fortune. They are asking for the same chance given to America's forefathers. In asking for liberty, equality, and dignity we pick up the torch in the American Civil Rights Movement and we fight alongside our African American brothers and sisters. We aim to collect on the promise made to our African American brothers and sisters for their first class citizenship, and in doing so, continue the fight for ALL AMERICANS: Immigrants, women, LGBTQ, the disabled, the elderly poor. WE AIM TO COLLECT ON THE PROMISE MADE TO OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. We aint got no time for anything but.

Isabel Framer I'm in DC since yesterday but I am following some of the issues going on. It is truly a shame that some are being misguided and due to their lack of sophistication and/or maturity are placing other Dreamers in harm of being deported. Many of us advocates as well as undocumented community do not support the those misguided actions. Very upsetting! 

Haime Xvier Badillo Unfortunately I don't think Cuban-Americans care much about this CIR movement since they are in a totally different category in their legal status and benefits in the US. It's well known some Cubans use Mexican soil in order to arrive to safe heaven fast and ez.. Is not the case for the rest of our people. That's the main reason the media its wrong to call ted Cruz, balart so on Latino as the rest of us.. But its our fault not being political educated so our Mexican American hijos take those government seats. We have to change that asap or we gonna be in big trouble in the near future.

The Carlos Galindo Show: TWITTER BOMB!!!  Let congress have it! We need to do what's right for this country. Immigration Reform is a no brainer. We've had enough with the Office of Speaker Boehner and his obstructionist henchmen aka congressmen. 


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