Supporters of Chicano Studies & Independent Voters Happy With Arizona Republican Primary Election Results

The big news yesterday for Chicanos and Mexican Americans who are also independent registered voters was watching both John Huppenthal and Tom Horne lose in the Republican primary elections. 

Allow this to be a very big lesson for independent voters who receive affirmation with regard to swinging and influencing elections with regard to the Republican or Democratic Party.  As an independent,  I requested the Republican ballot this year so that I could influence the Republican primary elections.  I specifically voted against extremists like John Kavanagh who lives in my district, Tom Horne (avidly against Chicano Studies) and John Huppenthal, the superintendent who is one of the worst anti-Chicano / Latino persons in the State of Arizona. 

I could not bring myself to vote for my Congressman David Schweikert (who was unopposed)  so I wrote in a name instead.

On May 14, 2014, leaders of SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (a woman-led organization of key swing independent voters) could not support Horne for attorney general in light of what appears to be constant charges related to campaign finance violations.

Independent voters are now the biggest voting bloc in Arizona, and as an independent voter organization the goal is to pluck out extremism and corruption with regard to public officials who are paid by Arizona tax payers.  The Arizona Republican Party voters had to ask themselves if they could afford to support candidates like Tom Horne in the Republican primary election. Indeed, it appears the Republican Party learnt the same lessons from the State of Ohio (a key Presidential election state) when Ohio citizens ousted extreme Tea Party candidates.
With regard to the superintendent of public instruction, John Huppenthal was another politician Mexican American / Chicano voters wanted to see leave the political arena. 
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