Swing Independent Nebraska Voters: Kyle Michaelis Not Helping Lancaster Democratic Party With Outreach


Key swing independent voters have had it with the 2 major party system.  It's no wonder the independent voter bloc is growing across the Nation.  American independent voters expect Congress to work because every single one of them receive at least a 6 figure income at the expense of our taxes and tax payers.  We expect them to work and solve tough issues like immigration in a bipartisanship fashion.

We have little patience for Nebraska Democrats who do not support Mexican-American / Chicano / Latino families.  The former Sen. Ben Nelson voted against the DREAM Act in 2010, and since then Mexican-American / Latino voters have been extremely hawkish with politicians who are guilty of using the immigration issue as a political football.  Obviously Chicano / Latino voters believe the Republican Party is worse than the Democratic Party and much of it has to do with their anti-immigrant and anti-Latino behavior towards our community.  The Republican Party officially adopted an anti-immigrant platform (no thanks to extremist Tea Party Kris Kobach of Kansas) in 2012. 

That said, it would be a good idea for the Lancaster Democratic Party to distance themselves from the likes of Kyle Michaelis if they want to excel with Mexican American / Latino voter outreach that is clearly growing in Nebraska in light of corn farmers depending on competitive labor Mexican immigrants give them.  Indeed the agricultural industry in the midwest would be bankrupt if it were not for the immigrant labor it depends upon.  Indeed hard working immigrants have suffered enough with regard to taxation without representation.




Kyle Michaelis forgets the many years the broken immigration system has been affecting Mexican American / Latino families and have had to endure.  Sources have told us Mr. Michaelis worked for DHS as an immigration officer and this could be an explanation for his behavior.  We asked Kyle if he still worked as an immigration officer but we still have not received a comment from him. Michaelis reminds us of a former Arizona State Senator via Kyrsten Sinema who got "tough on immigration" via AZ SB 1225. Independent voters are tired of gridlock methods and politicians who flip flop and try to trick voters into believing they are for our community even though they reverse their positions.

For instance, Kyle Michaelis supported former Senator Ben Nelson's "use of "Border Security First" as a campaign theme in the 2006 election because it created the national model for conservative political rhetoric in every campaign since."  

Perhaps it would have been a good idea for Kyle to not attack Zachary Mora James to begin with when Zach wrote:

I am greatly disappointed in President Obama's failure to keep to his promise of taking action on immigration. He states that he shall take action after the midterm election, which goes to show that even he isn't immune to Washington's political expediency over the common good. It's always "mañana, mañana." When will we start working on behalf of the people today? - Zachary Mora James, President of UVM College Democrats

Kyle Michaelis responded with:



Shirl Mora James ended with the following comment made to Kyle Michaelis:

KyleMichaelis, you need to be mindful of the affect of your words on others that do not hold your worldview....I did not make any silly threats, I made a promise to you and unlike Obama, I keep my promises....you have shown yourself unworthy of the Latino and Independent vote....go back and reread your posts chastising Latinos' disappointment with Obama breaking his promise once again. The Latino vote was key in his elections, so we have the right to express our broken hearts to his broken promises....you should not be attacking my nephew about his disappointment with Obama either, you started this whole bullshit when you attacked him on his FB page....and he is a Democrat, too! So why did you find it necessary to come to his FB page and attack him when you are from the same political party....beats the hell of me! Are you trying to chase him out of NE Democratic Party or do you just like being a jackass? And go read the letter sent to Obama from over 100 law Professors from across the nation outlining his legal right to use his executive power for administrative relief. Get informed before you start acting like Charlie Janssen! Here's a thought you stay off our FB pages with your anti-Latino sentiments and we will stay off your FB page.....you started this shit!

Though Kyle Michaelis refuses to apologize, we will not be idle anymore.  We are taking a stand for our community and we will use legal immigration as the litmus test.  









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