Swing Independent Voter Group Led By Mexican Americans Invite Rep. John Boehner To Joaquin Luna Jr. Memorial Walk To Witness Broken Immigration System

Had we received more Republican bipartisan support during the 2010 DREAM Act vote, we would not have to write about a tragic story.  On the day after Thanksgiving in 2011, Joaquin Luna Jr., a DREAM Act student took his life because he felt he had no hope, and days after the tragedy we asked Congress to pass an emergency DREAM Act to prevent more kids from doing the same.  Republicans ignored us in 2011, which is why Mexican American / Latinos ignored them during the  November 6, 2012, elections.

As we approach the 2 year mark of this suicide tragedy, we find ourselves in the same situation — the immigration system is still broken.   Indeed the Democratic-controlled Senate passed a bipartisan legal comprehensive immigration reform plan via the Gang of Eight, but we see the Republican-controlled House of Representatives via House Leader John Boehner stalling on the issue that would enhance our National Security.    Arizona Senator John McCain can attest that fixing immigration helps our national security.    The Gang of Eight 2013 Legal immigration reform bill is a major step forward in securing our Nation because only after everyone is registered and documented will we know who is in our Nation and where we can find them.  We know that once we fix the broken immigration system, and once we document all immigrants —  then they can feel safe to help law enforcement agencies to target criminal activity without the fear of deportation when they report suspicious activity to the law enforcement authorities.

There is no reason why issues pertaining to our National Security should be delayed particularly when 435 Representatives in the House of Representatives are receiving an annual rate of $174,000.00.   American citizens and voters have to pay over $75.7 Million per year for the House to do their jobs and solve broken issues, and our intelligence is insulted when Congress seeks to decrease working days for the rest of the 2013 year.  Americans have had to endure the government shutdown, partisanship, infighting with regard to the Affordable Care Act, Syria, Iran, budget talks and etc. while watching the Republican-led House sink in the polls.

Since Speaker Boehner is stubborn against fixing the broken immigration system this year as he attempts to decrease his 2013 working days for himself and other Republicans, we want to remind him of the Thanksgiving 2 year anniversary since Joaquin Luna Jr., took his life because he felt he had no hope.  Can the Republicans who call themselves Christian again ignore a reasonable request?

It would be wise for the Republican Party to solve immigration instead of waiting until 2014 in light of off-year elections because ignoring us in 2013 will cause us to ignore the GOP in 2014 when they come to “Hispanics and Latinos” for vote support.  The 2012 elections ought to serve as a reminder of how strong our memories are, and we will not forget 2013 immigration sins come 2014.

We invite the majority House Speaker John Boehner to attend the Joaquin Luna Jr., Memorial Walk in Texas so he can witness firsthand how the broken immigration system directly affects Mexican American and  Latinos across the Nation. 


Joaquin Luna Jr. Memorial Walk (Marking 2 year anniversary)
DATE: Monday,  November 25, 2013
TIME:  10:00 am
LOCATION:  1 1/2 S Abram Rd Mission TX 78574

Speakers:  Christian Pastor Bustos, Surviving Members from Luna Lerma family, DeeDee Garcia Blase of Somos Independents (bringing statement by American GI Forum), Tania Chavez of Lupe, possibly Rep. Henry Cuellar and Ruben Hinojosa


A letter from a surviving member to Rep. John Boehner and Republican Representatives who are trying to prevent CIR from passing this year.

Nov. 7, 2013

Letter to Republican Representatives

It’s going on two years this month, that my brother Joaquín Luna, Jr. took his own life due to him having no hope of becoming a Civil Engineer like he always hoped he could be in this country. So, he chose to be with our Lord Jesús Cristo where in heaven you don’t need to have any sorts of documents to be accepted, just your faith.

It’s so hard to accept that the people we voted for to represent our country is so narrow minded, so cold-hearted that you all can’t put yourselves in our shoes and see the world as it really is and accept change. Because, these people who undocumented human beings (like you) are suffering. Take your blind folds off and see the potential all this kids have and see how much they have to bring to the table.

Have Faith.

Stop the suffering, and stop the discrimination and give us a chance to prove ourselves. Give us the benefit of the doubt, so we can prove how much (together) we can make this a better place.

You have it in your power to make a humanbeing like my brother Joaquín Luna, Jr. have hope in their Dreams to become a reality and prove to everyone that we are more than undocumented.

Don’t spread more pain and don’t have another child lose hope. Don’t have another mother bury her son, a sister loose her baby brother (which I helped raise) and to this day I can’t stop shedding tears for him.

And may you reading this feel my pain and open your hearts and have faith.

May you rest in peace little brother, Joaquín Luna, Jr.

Thank you,
Nina Hinojosa


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Design by Sam Gomez


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