By DeeDee Garcia Blase / Chicano Radio Network

I had a quick opportunity to interview Robert Rodriguez on the red carpet at the ALMA awards 2014 with regard to November 4, 2014, Election Day.  I was amazed he had already heard of some of the “TeaDREAMers” and others who were entertaining boycotting the vote on the upcoming Election Day.

Here is what Robert Rodriguez told the Chicano Radio Network:

“If you’re angry with how things are — then turn it into action. I had heard some dumb advice people say they should just stay home.  That’s like ridiculous.  We gotta get out there, learn the issues, go out there and vote.  It’s the only thing we are going to change anything.  We are such a powerful force.   … People fumble the mid-season … fumble the mid-term when they don’t show up to vote.”

Exactamente.   What a chingon response.   As a Chicana activist, I know people died for our right  to vote.   We must not be used as weak pawns to fit the agenda of those who align themselves with bigotry.  It is unAmerican to boycott the vote.  Our power to guide the direction of the country comes from our assertive voting.  Veteranos of the Chicano Movement used to raise money  in order to pay poll taxes, and we must carry on the tradition of Chicano leaders who ensured our vote counted.

Click on photo below for full interview: