Ohio Tea Party Ted Nugent Empathizer Gives Native Americans the Finger While Breaking Law At Indian Creek Amphitheater

These photos are from Ohio's American Indian Movement (AIM):

American Indian Movement of Ohio's album.

Ted Nugent Protest (162 photos)

On August 9, 2014 the American Indian Movement of Ohio, AIM Indiana/Kentucky and AIM of Central Texas and other supporters from the region and California converged on the small town of Riley, Ohio to protest Ted Nugent because of his continued racist comments about Native Americans. With a total of twenty three protesters in attendance we made our feelings known. We did have many people coming up to us asking why we were protesting him. When telling them why they were surprised because they did not know that he was saying these thing about the people. It felt great to educate these people and they too seemed grateful to learn. There were a few people flipping us the bird but what was really shocking was as one car passed us, a very young boy was video taping us and flipping us off at the same time. This to us is not only disturbing but physical proof that racism is something that is taught and learned. it is perpetuated by ignorant adults and parents. It is my personal view that this is actually a form child abuse.

 On a side note, please report these photos to the Oxford Police Department and report this tea party Nugent empathizer for breaking traffic laws.  

You can report the lawbreaker in the following ways:

By emailing the Chief: 

Chief Robert Holzworth

Phone:  (513) 524-5240

Email Address: [email protected]

By twitter:


By mail: 

City of Oxford Police Dept. 11 S. Poplar St. Oxford, OH 45056

Using Crime Stoppers: 




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