TeaDREAMers losing more allies for disrespectful heckling towards President Obama

It's a well known fact there are a few DREAMers who were hijacked by the Republican Party.  We call them "TeaDREAMers" for pushing the Republican Party agenda ... never mind the 2012 anti-immigrant platform adopted by the Republican National Committee in 2012 on the eve of their GOP convention that was essentially blessed by Kris Kobach [sarcasm included]. 

These TeaDREAMers include DREAMACTIVIST.org and cohorts of Mohammad Abdollahi,  [and whom Rep. Luis Gutierrez had to distance himself from for their racist views], DRM Action (a for profit company) with the likes of Erika Andiola downplaying importance of the Latino vote even though she can't vote herself, and their surrogates.  Our organization asked Jose Antonio Vargas and Gaby Pacheco to take leadership and speak against folks who supported the likes of Mohammad Abdollahi for stating he wanted to hijack comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 but we saw no leadership from the likes of them. 

Now we are seeing more backlash from folks we consider allies. 

Lack of "DREAM Act" leadership and turning a blind eye leads to heckling and showing utter disrespect for the Office of the Presidency

Ungrateful TeaDREAMers who find it cute to disrespect the President of the United States and interrupt his immigration speech are getting more backlash from those who are considered immigration allies.  (See below.)


Photo: Former immigration activist allies getting sick of disrespectful #TeaDREAMERs and interruption of President Barack Obama


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