Texas DREAMers join New York DREAMers to protest Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for anti-immigrant views

The Republican Party lost the Presidential elections of November 2012 in light of their bigotry towards Mexican-Americans and families, and they will continue to lose the voting bloc of the fastest growing demographic with politicians like Cuban-American Sen. Ted Cruz.  Indeed Cruz will hurt the best interest and overall goals of the GOP.

Texas DREAM Act activists are joining New York DREAM Act activists to protest Texas Senator Ted Cruz for his anti immigrant views today.  Bottom line:  Politicians like Ted Cruz are making it harder for the Republican Party to win future elections -- particularly in states like Texas with high Mexican-American population.  I predict Cruz will be a one term Senator.

Cuban-American Cruz becomes the convenient “Hispanic” while he stabs the many Mexican-American families living in Texas in the back.  The majority of the Latin population in the United States (almost 70%) and in Texas are of Mexican descent.  He wants the media to go to him on Hispanic issues, but does not vote what the majority of us are screaming for in our communities.

It’s no wonder DREAM Act activists all across the Nation have been referring to him as a “vendido.”

Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer, Shirl Mora James — President of Somos Independents reminds Senator Ted Cruz why he should support the Gang Of Eight and Legal Immigration Reform:

Unfortunately, Cruz has forgotten that we also have a legacy of slavery, the Indian Wars, Chinese exclusion laws, the Jim Crow Laws, etc., which is why immigration reform is so necessary in regards to immigration law. It is a bit hypocritical for Cruz to be so anti-immigrant when his own father was a Cuban immigrant.


PROTEST DATE:  Wednesday, May 29, 2013
LOCATION:  Grand Hyatt 109 E 42nd St Manhattan, NY

DRM writes:

Friends, Ted Cruz will be visiting New York City next week! If you have been following the progress for immigration reform, you have seen that the senator has been trying to kill the bill. We can not longer let him get away with attacks to our families and our communities. Will you join us on this protest to unwelcome Ted Cruz to our city?




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