Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott Okay With Cuban Welfare Given To Cuban Adult Refugees Ignoring Central American Kids

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (born in Canada and son of Cuban immigrant father) is ignoring the large elephant in the room as he avoids discussing the Cuban refugee adults who have been receiving government welfare from United States taxpayers for the past 40 years.  Indeed, the United States became the first country of first asylum for large numbers of displaced persons when thousands of Cuban refugees found political refuge here.  

Currently, Cuban refugee immigrants are able to receive food stamps, SSI, TANF and medicaid.  Republicans such as Sen. Cruz and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott are quick to point out they are for less government, yet turn a blind eye to the welfare and government benefits against those who claim to be against Fidel Castro's "socialist and/or communist-leaning" regime.   If Republicans claim to be for "less government" and less welfare, why are they quick to preserve welfare for Cuban immigrant refugees once their wet-foot reaches our dry-land?  Approximately 40,000 additional Cuban refugees take refuge in our Nation every single year.  

On Monday, June 23, 2014, both Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Attorney General Greg Abbott held a press conference  addressing the dramatic increase of unaccompanied children crossing the border creating a humanitarian crisis.  But what both of these Republicans will not address is the 40 years of welfare Americans have been giving to Cuban immigrants once their wet foot reaches dry land.  Instead of getting on a boat, many have chosen to fly into Mexico and crossing the border via the Mexican-U.S. border.  According to the Washington post, Sen. Ted Cruz's own father bribed an official to come into our Nation. 

While Cruz and Abbott complain about "amnesty" offered to infants and children, both forget the amnesty offered to thousands and thousands of Cuban refugees over the pat 40 years. 


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Did Ted’s father Rafael suceed with his $100 bill and dishwashing job or id he also benefit from immigrant welfare programs?
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