Nugent Neutered in "Lakota" South Dakota And What It Means For Ohio and 2016 Elections

It is a well known fact Ted Nugent was neutered in South Dakota when several Native American leaders from the Urban Warrior Society and the American Indian Movement (AIM) protested him at the Full Throttle Saloon during the Sturgis Bike Rally.  

Indeed the continued stance against Tea Party Republican Ted Nugent was shamed by his own fellow NRA member when Frank Carroll wrote:

They are unacceptable to me as a private person, though his views are his own and none of my business. But Nugent crosses a bright line when he airs his views in public while representing an organization I belong to and agree with on many issues.

Most opinion leaders, business leaders and many government leaders in South Dakota are members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and are compassionately and passionately conservative. They are not Knights of the KKK. They are not neo-fascists. They are not racists. Nugent appears to be all of the above.


But Ted Nugent is merely emulating Tea Party Republican rhetoric.  Don't believe me?  Well let's look at the below:

From the Raw Story:

Tea party apparently no longer embarrassed to flaunt its racist, neo-Confederate roots

Florida Tea party group posts racist image to Facebook

(Notice the minorities from diverse backgrounds underneath shaken scared.)

Ohio tea party member flies Confederate flag during racist rant at school board meeting


And speaking of Ohio racism, members of Urban Warriors Society and AIM continued to take a stance against against Ted Nugent bigotry at the Indian Creek Tavern / Amphitheater only to meet Tea Party Nugent emphathizers. 


Tea Party Republican Ted Nugent who is the spokesperson for the NRA met additional protesting at the Ohio rib-off protest near the Lucas County Fairgrounds, 1406 Key St, Maumee, Ohio 43537.   Kelly Yolanda Rivera, one of the participants who protested the Ohio Rib-Off in light of Ted Nugent's bigotry said:

Thank you Doug for coordinating. The reaction from passerbys was mostly polite to encouraging - and then there was the profanity-spewing crowd. Most of them were intoxicated - we did not engage them. All in all, a good night. We left before Ted took the stage.

Ohio's Toledo Blade newspaper wrote:

“The Rib-Off is the biggest concert venue in Toledo every year, and I think you could pick somebody better,” said Dan Denton of Toledo, adding that Nugent “spews hate and intolerance.”


Protesters held signs reading “Zip it, Ted,” “Grow up, Ted,” and “Toledo Blade Don’t Promote Hate.”

“It’s easy to be against racism when it’s talk, and not when it requires you to change your plans or change the structure of your organization,” said Sarah Coulter of Toledo.


(Photo cred:  Kelly Yolanda Rivera)


(Photo credit:  Kelly Yolanda Rivera)



All in all, it appears the NRA had better hurry up and make a decision with regard to their support of Ted Nugent being their continued spokesperson.  As a former card carrying due-paying NRA member....I immediately quit the NRA when Nugent advocated violence against our elected officials.

Our Nation had to endure a terrible assassination via JFK, we certainly do not need to fan the Tea Party Republican flames of hatred towards another one.  I applaud protestors at the Ohio Rib-Off and the Indian Creek Tavern for their continued stance against Tea Party bigotry in our Nation that is divisive and full of hate.  There stance in Ohio sets up their continued stance against bigotry when the GOP Convention takes place in 2016 that will flood their state with more Tea Party Nugent-like people.


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