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Why do Tea Party GOPers support Taxation Without Representation 4 Immigrants?

by Dee Dee Garcia Blase


Jacob Silverman reminds us: “At its core, the Boston Tea Party was a conflict over taxation. You may have heard the phrase “taxation without representation,” which developed in this era. Unlike their British brethren, the people living in the 13 colonies did not have direct representatives in the British parliament. Because of that, the colonists had no way to vote for how they would be taxed or who would represent them. And because of this lack of representation, the British government was free to tax the colonists in any way — and for any amount — that it saw fit. With no way to fight taxation and no way to claim their rights, many colonists feared that their property could be taken away through debilitating taxes.”

On the Carlos Galindo (the only National Radio show program communicating a political message in both Spanish and in English), Carlos reads the Republican / GOP preamble on immigration. Essentially the Hispanic and Women Voters believe the preamble is a big “F” you with regard to real immigration reform because the Republican Party is reluctant on getting behind a pathway to earned citizenship for the immigrant community who has been hiding in the shadows of society struggling for human dignity. Moreover, those of us who are economically astute realize we need new tax payers with the booming baby boomers who are exhausting a good chunk of our federal tax revenues. Yet, the GOP is not proactive to looming debt crisis with reasonable solutions.

This is the time where genuine immigration activists who are American citizen voters and are politically astute should step in.

Endorsing actions that support second class citizenship and leading to taxation without representation prematurely is a slippery slope and those who support such actions will be remembered in American history for supporting such prematurely and before the GOP-controlled House votes on CIR. We must wait and see how the Republican House of Representatives cast their vote on CIR first.


Here’s Irony: TeaParty GOP / Reince Priebus wants immigrants to be taxed without representation even though immigrants pay MILLION$ into tax coffers. GOP on slippery slope! #GOPImmigrantion Preamble


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