The Republican Party's Continued War on "Brown" Women Who Choose To Have Their Babies

Right now Republicans are attacking a woman’s right to choose life for their babies.

Shirl Mora James is a Civil Rights and Immigration lawyer in the Midwest who has committed her life to protecting a woman’s right to choose in having their babies.   Shirl is also the President of a woman-led movement via SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly the National Tequila Party Movement).

There is a big State Capitol “pro life” showdown that will take place in Nebraska. Shirl Mora James will be giving her testimony that protects our unborn U.S. citizen babies, and we will share her written testimony as soon as I receive it from her.

The Republican Party used to be known for being the party of pro life, however, several GOP lawmakers have been supporting laws that encourage women without status to get abortions instead of prenatal care.

Will the Nebraska RIGHT TO LIFE rise up to the occasion?

Will the pro life movement chastise those politicians who claim to be pro life but are hell-bent on taking away prenatal care from brown colored women?

Write them now and ask them where they stand on prenatal care for the undocumented.

Nebraska Right to Life
404 S. 11th St., PO Box 80410, Lincoln, NE 68501,
Phone: (402) 438-4802, Email: [email protected]

If the National Right to Life Organization truly believes all babies are created equal, then where is their leadership at?

We did not see the National Right to Life, nor the Arizona Right to Life  leadership when GOP lawmakers were attacking the 14th amendment in Arizona. Will we see them testify in support of prenatal care for undocumented women tomorrow?  Will they stand up against Nebraska Governor Heineman and Senator Charles Janssen?  Will they continue to support these GOP lawmakers who are in essence encouraging abortions?

Where is the National Right to Life’s passion for the unborn?  [Keep in mind that these are the same folks who endorsed Mitt Romney who profited in the million$ from abortions.]

Does their right to life movement only apply to white babies? LB518 is Janssen’s bill in an effort to take away prenatal care from brown undocumented women.

Will our Creator see how these so-called Right to Life Organizations and their leaders have squandered their talent and donated monies in fear of GOP reprisal?

Will the good Lord create another entity who are truly pro life?  Not just from a womb standpoint — but protecting life from the womb to the tomb standpoint?

Meanwhile, a fierce woman like Shirl Mora James who has compassion in her heart for the disabled, the women, the minorities and the undocumented is issuing a rally cry.

Shirl Mora James states:

Tomorrow, State Capitol SHOWDOWN, Protecting our unborn U.S. citizen children of mothers without status….be there….STAND-UP and FIGHT for the BABIES! Prenatal care must be provided to them regardless of their mother’s wealth or status! This Thursday, the 21st, we are meeting at 1:00 p.m. outside of Room 1510, please feel free to provide written testimony, 10 copies of your testimony are needed to hand out to the Committee members. We stopped Janssen and the Governor last year, we will stop them again from committing civil violence to the mothers and their unborn Innocents!

If prenatal care is voted down tomorrow, then we will take this as a sign from the universe that the pro life movement is dwindling within the Republican party.  The midwest is as Republican as it gets and we look forward to seeing “life” win.


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