U.S. Chamber VEEP: DeMaio Who Sought Endorsement Should Seek Facts Not Sour Grapes

Independent moderate voters are pleased with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who endorsed a pro growth Democratic politician via Scott Peters.  Independent voters become registered independents because we are tired of gridlock, tea party government shut downs that accomplish nothing and so on. But it appears DeMaio has developed sour grapes.

According to UT San Diego:

“We’re not surprised that a special interest group in D.C. is trying to protect members of Congress — they like the system the way it is. They know Carl DeMaio is coming to end the perks for this crowd,” said Dave McCulloch, spokesman for the DeMaio campaign.


Here is how the Vice President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce responded:

Rob Engstrom, chamber vice president for political affairs, said on Twitter Wednesday that DeMaio had tried to get the chamber's endorsement.

The DeMaio campaign "needs to get facts straight. The campaign actively sought our endorsement. Sour grapes," Engstrom tweeted.


Carl DeMaio is politician who has lied about his affiliation to extremism and tea party affiliation despite this video that surfaced.  Americans support pro growth economic strategies and we cannot do that with isolationist views DeMaio holds.  It is also rare for a Republican to refer to the U.S. Chamber as a special interest group and to openly criticize a pro business / pro growth group -- particularly when the DeMaio campaign sought out the endorsement from the alleged interest group. 



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