UNIVISION Should Ask About Bernie Sanders' Praise of Fidel Castro In Miami Tonight

Tonight both a Sen. Marco Rubio Townhall and The Democratic Debate will take place in Florida. 

Here are the details to the #DemDebate:

Univision Democratic Primary Debate
9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT)
Live Stream: WashingtonPost.com
Aired On: CNN and Univision

Sponsors: Univision, The Washington Post

Here at Somos Independents, a movement of independent moderate voters led by Chicanas and Latinas, we would like to see UNIVISION ask Bernie Sanders about the glaring large elephant in the Miami, Florida room.  According to Progressives Today: Bernie Sanders Praised Fidel Castro and Cuba in a 1985 (VIDEO).  See video here.

How is Bernie Sanders going to do with the Cuban American Florida voters who have family members who risked their lives in shark infested waters just to set their foot on our dry land so that they can take advantage of our wet-foot-dry-foot policy? Florida is a key swing Presidential state that ought not be risked during the general election cycle against the anti-immigrant Republicans who were instrumental in stopping immigration reform in 2014.

Sen. Rubio may not be influential on a national basis, however, he still has some clout in Florida as Senator, and the likes of the Cuban-American Senator would destroy Bernie Sanders come general election time as he raises the issue with regard to Fidel Castro dissidents being treated in Cuba, and why they fled his regime to begin with. 

Tonight, we don't want easy tosses in the questions.  We want to see a vetting process that will prepare both Democratic candidates against the anti-immigrant GOP machine.  Florida matters, and we don't want to risk that state.







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