Veterans Beware With “Veterans Stand For Standing Rock” Soliciting Funds But Not Reimbursing Vets Volunteering Yet

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December 8, 2016

Veterans Beware With “Veterans Stand For Standing Rock” Soliciting Funds But Not Reimbursing Vets Volunteering Yet
North Dakota -- The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota is asking people camping near the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline to go home, and we believe his wish should be carried out.  Is Wes Clark Jr., doing more harm to veterans than good?  And more harm to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation than good?  The operation at Standing Rock left several Veterans stranded fending on their own.  1.5 million dollars are going to individuals and not a professional organization. 
Veterans such as Sean Pearson, Matt Kruse, Jason Anderson are complaining about people’s lives being at risk.  Veterans with medical issues responded to the Call of Duty but were left stranded with poor operation planning. Other vets are complaining  Wes Clark Jr. is putting himself up at the hotel in the Casino while other vets are left to fend for themselves in subzero temperatures.  Veterans who have travelled from across the Nation and Canada have complained about not getting reimbursed for their travels and food despite 1.5 million dollars in contributions collected by Wes Clark Jr.  Two Go Fund Me pages were set up here and here
Margarete Engles Reyes, a mid-Atlantic leader for Somos Independents who is on the ground in North Dakota volunteering states:
We came to protect the First Nations People and the water protectors. We did not come to deplete their finite resources.  Because Wes Clark Jr. doesn’t know how to put an operation together with appropriate logistics and command structure, this put a strain on the locals who graciously chose to support those who came to support them.   Wes Clark Jr. promised to reimburse veterans once their travel receipts were submitted. Veterans were promised food and billeting however, this did not materialize in many cases and many traveling there were left to fend on their own in subzero weather.  There were no pre-established rosters, no vetting of people’s skill levels or even proof of military service.   
For those who want to donate to Standing Rock cause, please donate directly to the camp where the money goes to the Tribe and Water Protectors for whatever they need. 
“Frankly, you abandoned all the folks at Fort Yates, and haven't responsibly communicated with anyone. You're not the only ones running on no sleep, and a lot of folks had substantially less comfortable accommodations than the hotel rooms you had.

I'm unimpressed. I'll believe y'all when you actually start acting like accountable, responsible leaders, instead of selfish opportunists. No more excuses. No more trying to bury the negative under shiny bullshit and feel-good videos.

At the very best, you have proven yourselves incapable of properly running an operation like this. You failed the people who volunteered to help you. It is beyond irresponsible to ask anyone to trust you on another venture, to start volunteering, and to start donating, when you haven't even begun closing out the current one.”
"Commander"?! You sat in a hotel room and made patronizing videos while my crew sat at Fort Yates with minimal food and NO GUIDANCE FROM YOU.

You lied to the people who signed up to go. You haven't done shit to lead them properly. Oh, and you're STILL RAISING FUNDS FOR AN OP THAT ENDED YESTERDAY.

Your days as a posturing glory hound are at an end. We will not stand for this."
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