Veterans Still Stranded At Standing Rock Can Get Help Through Woman Vet Bonnie Hoppa

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December 9, 2016
Bonnie Hoppa
Margaret Engles Reyes
DeeDee Garcia Blase
Veterans Still Stranded At Standing Rock Can Get Help Through Woman Vet Bonnie Hoppa
North Dakota -- The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota is asking people camping near the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline to go home, and we believe his wish should be carried out.  Unfortunately, there are still reports of stranded veterans at Standing Rock who are not getting the help promised by Wes Clark Jr. even though $1.5 million dollars have been raised by himself and Michael A Woods Jr. for approximately a month.  Two Go Fund Me pages were set up here and here.
Jason Anderson created this live video reporting truths about the stranded veterans in North Dakota and the video continues to be shared on social media.  He wrote in the comments of his video:  "Promises were made to us veterans. Not one was kept. We took care of ourselves and what Natives we could."
But veteran Bonnie Hoppa is stepping up to the plate for veterans who are not getting answers from Wes Clark Jr and writes:
If you are a Veteran who is stranded in ND, please message me here or email me at [email protected]. My team has coordinated a place for you to stay.
Somos Independents is asking Wes Clark Jr.and Michael A Woods Jr. to ensure "No Man Is Left Behind," and we are disappointed they are planning another mission  without first dealing with the Veterans who are stranded at Standing Rock and giving them the reimbursements they promised. Their first operation was planned poorly leaving many Vets and volunteers stranded, and if they have time to collect monies and ask for donations in another project -- they must first clean up the mess and ensure nobody is stranded that answered the call of duty. 
For those who want to donate to Standing Rock cause, please donate directly to the camp where the money goes to the Tribe and Water Protectors for whatever they need.
Yesterday Wes Clark Jr. issued an apology, however, until he rights the wrong, other veterans will not accept his apology.
Veteran Hoppa writes:
So, the expanded version of the screenshot i posted is basically even more dismissive and whiny than what it initially looked like.My assessment that dude was still focused entirely on his own goals and benefit, and indifferent to the needs of others, still stands. He had a happy-woo-spiritual experience, and a ton of media FaceTime, at the expense the well-being of others. Apology not accepted, because you obviously either still don't understand what you did wrong, or you don't care.
(Above)  Video of Veteran who has called Wes Clark Jr. (son of retired Army General Wes Clark)
a thief who is collecting money leaving vets stranded at Standing Rock in North Dakota.
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