Voter Independent Group Promotes San Diego Get Out the Vote and Political Education at Poppa's Restaurant

Independent Voter Group Blasts Karl Rove's Dark Money Operations; Refers Extreme Tea Party Candidate DeMaio As Modern Day Pete Wilson


Key swing independent voters are highly sought after during election seasons. Independent voters flee the two major party system because they put issues and people before Party partisanship.  Independent voters are tired of gridlock, extremism and partisanship we see have witnessed with Tea Party politicians, and we are against less than transparent dark money operations Karl Rove is introducing into the San Diego market. Independent voters are holding Carl DeMaio accountable for lying to the American voter when he denied being affiliated with the Tea Party.  Indeed, Carl DeMaio was a representative at a San Diego Tea Party event

That said, a National Independent voter group via SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is led by Mexican American women, and we are getting involved with getting out the vote in San Diego, California at Poppa's Fresh Fish Company.   We chose this hot bed spot for our Get Out the Vote Booth in light of Tea Party bigotry and death threats made to owner Mark Lane for housing immigrant children

Our Independent voter group is taking a stand against extremism in national politics. Political education during midterm 2014 elections is key, and we believe women and the Chicano / Latino vote can help root out extremism.  Essentially Carl DeMaio is a modern day Pete Wilson for the Chicano / Latino commmunity and we are spreading the buzz to help vote out DeMaio's extremism.

Enrique Morones, Director of Border Angels, will be at our Get Out the Vote Booth to assist with political education in the San Diego area along with David Alvarez who is the city councilman for the district we will be in.  A representative from California Congressman Juan Vargas's office will also attend and we are excited with empowering ourselves because voting seems to be the only power we have against corrupt politicians.

We are excited about getting out the vote this year in the name of supporting refugee small immigrant children, women, the fatherless and widows. 


Get Out The Vote

Time:  10:30 am

Date:  Friday, August 22, 2014

Location:  Poppa's Fresh Fish Co, 3227 Ocean View Blvd Suite 5, San Diego, California 92113






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