What Chicanos Should Do After President Obama's Immigration Action Move Last Night

Last night President Obama was the quarterback that threw Chicano Mexican-Americans the football with his #ImmigrationAction move. 

What do Chicanos and Chicanas do now that momentum has been tossed to us?  Remember, we are the voters and so we have a responsibility to ensure just action is carried out for undocumented immigrants who cannot vote.

Do we take the ball 10 yards?  Or, do we keep our eyes on the chingon prize and attempt a touchdown?

I prefer the latter.

We knew that executive action would not include the entire 11 million but this is a very BIG beginning. It helps with the deportation problem the Republican Party allowed to get out of control even though the President gave them 6 damn years to fix it and do it the right way with regard to legal immigration reform.  In fact, the Democratic-controlled Senate passed immigration reform a year and a half ago and the Republicans did not do anything.  All they did was threaten the President with impeachment and lawsuits if he did anything with regard to immigration. President Obama decided to exercise his purview within his jurisdiction of our Constitution in time for the holidays.   His executive action does not include a pathway to citizenship because Congress has those powers, and the President is limited to his "executive" powers.  In my view, the President went as far as he could within the Constitution.

What was intended to do our community harm, our Creator intended it for good when “broad discretion” language was highlighted by Justice Anthony Kennedy who wrote the Court’s 5-3 opinion in Arizona v. United States, and joined by Chief Justice John Roberts.  Both Roberts and Kennedy are Republicans and President Obama merely exercised his executive power given to him by the law of the land -- the United States Supreme Court.

Already we are seeing sell out Latina Republicans like Ana Navarro cry about President Obama's Immigration Action on CNN last night, but make no mistake ... not once did she tell the viewers how her own Republican Party via the House of Representatives who are controlled by the GOP do nothing, nada, zilch to advance the immigration reform bill that was passed by the Democratic-controlled Senate over one year ago.  Not once did she highlight how Speaker Boehner lied to the Mexican-American community that he was going to help fix the broken system but to no avail.  I implore main stream media and networks like CNN to take a "Hispanic or "Latino" from a hurting community that is largely affected.  It is a bonafide fact the community largely affected with regard to population numbers are those of Mexican descent.  The majority of those getting deported are Mexican -- not Nicaraguan.   Indeed Ana Navarro is a member of the Nicaraguan community who has been at the forefront of Cuban issues where Cuban immigrants already enjoy Cuban amnesty -- while ignoring Mexican issues.

Chicanos are taking our stand against the likes of Ana Navarro.  For far too long Chicanos entertained the great "Hispanic/Latino" experiment and all it has gotten us is backstabbing by people like herself, Sen. Marco Rubio who embraced SB 1070, Senator Ted Cruz who lied to Tejanos (saying he was for immigration reform) but once he got into Senate office he lied and said he did not support Senator John McCain's "gang of 8" immigration reform views.   We have no choice but to revive the Chicano Movement and we will continue to remind Cuban-American Republicans (where Cuban American population account for 3% of the entire Latin population pie), and Nicaraguan-American Republicans like Ana Navarro (where Nicaraguan population account for 1% of the entire Latin population pie) that they do not speak for the approximate 70% of the Mexican American population.

Chicanos are Mexican American voters.  We ARE the epitome and bulk of the Latin population pie and we will be damned if we allow sellouts like Navarro to speak for the entire Latino population pie.  She is free to speak on behalf of Nicaraguan-Americans -- but not us.

This is the time the Republican Party ought to re-evaluate their 2012 anti-immigrant RNC platform in order to contribute to a unique opportunity that will enable them to come up with solutions regarding the other half of the 11 million affected, but you won't see Navarro talking about that will you?  We would like to remind Republicans the resistance of taxation without representation by the original Tea Party and ask they see the billions of dollars into our tax coffers from undocumented immigrants who pay into our state and federal tax system without representation.

So there you have it.  What are you going to do as a Chicana/o now that Obama passed us the football?

Momentum is with us now at this very moment.  The sky is the limit and let's advance our football destiny forward because the destiny is in our control.  We can't rely on Anglos, Cubanos, Nicaraguans y otros to decide for us .... let's control our own destinies and do what we can to put that fire in our hearts again and advance ourselves forward.  This is our time, it's our new era that began in 2012 told to us by old prophecies predicted by the Aztec calendar stone.





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