Why is Donald Trump Rewarding Saddam Hussein Who Paid For The Jewish To Be Killed?

Just in case Trump never received the memo, Israel is a United States ally.

Last week we witnessed the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump attack Hillary Clinton with an anti-Semitic angle. According to the Huffington Post:

Donald Trump tweeted a blatantly anti-Semitic image Saturday morning, causing an immediate backlash online and further confirming the Republican nominee is willing to sink to depths well beyond usual, acceptable bounds of politics.

The tweet, posted at roughly 8:30 a.m., featured a picture of Hillary Clinton pasted over a backdrop of $100 bills with a six-pointed star — the Jewish Star of David — next to her face.


Today on CNN, we witnessed Trump giving Saddam Hussein praise for "Killing Terrorists," but what Trump doesn't know is Saddam Hussein paid suicide bombers to kill the Jewish people.

According to CBS News:

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has raised the amount offered to relatives of suicide bombers from $10,000 per family to $25,000, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Wednesday.

Since Iraq upped its payments last month, 12 suicide bombers have successfully struck inside Israel, including one man who killed 25 Israelis, many of them elderly, as they sat down to a meal at a hotel to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover. The families of three suicide bombers said they have recently received payments of $25,000.

Palestinians say the bombers are driven by a priceless thirst for revenge, religious zeal and dreams of glory — not greed.

Mahmoud Safi, leader of a pro-Iraqi Palestinian group, the Arab Liberation Front, acknowledged that the support payments for relatives make it easier for some potential bombers to make up their minds. "Some people stop me on the street, saying if you increase the payment to $50,000 I'll do it immediately," Safi said. He also suggested such remarks were made mostly in jest.

Saddam has said the Palestinians need weapons and money instead of peace proposals and has provided payments throughout a year and a half of Israeli-Palestinian battles. "I saw on Iraqi TV President Saddam saying he will continue supporting the (uprising) even if it means selling his own clothes," said Safi.

Whomever is advising Donald Trump appears to be anti-Semitic as all hell.  I believe Trump's anti-Jewish message is linked to the John Tanton Network.

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