Tea GOP and Speaker Boehner's Introduces Taxation Without Representation on Immigrants

 “I was no party man myself, and the first wish of my heart was, if parties did exist, to reconcile them.” -- George Washington

"I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party." -- Martin Luther King Jr. 

It appears Speaker Boehner and immigration policy wonk aide via Becky Tallent want to leave with a legacy that will tax immigrants without representation.  Essentially taxation without representation undoes what the Boston Tea Party Revolution stood for.  Yet, Speaker Boehner ignores the billions of dollars immigrants pay into federal and state tax coffers every year. 

 According to the Tax Lawyer, a paper published by Section of Taxation, American bar Association with the assistance of Georgetown University Law Center

"...each year undocumented immigrants add billions of dollars in sales, excise, property, income, and payroll taxes—including Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes—to federal, state, and local coffers. Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants file annual federal and state income tax returns..."

The Tea Party was the culmination of a resistance movement throughout British America against the Tea Act, which had been passed by the British Parliament in 1773. Colonists objected to the Tea Act because they believed that it violated their rights as Englishmen to "No taxation without representation," that is, be taxed only by their own elected representatives and not by a British parliament in which they were not represented.    

Today's modern day resistance are registered independent voters who surpass registered Republican and Democratic voter blocks on a national basis. According to the Gallup, "Forty-two percent of Americans, on average, identified as political independents in 2013, the highest Gallup has measured since it began conducting interviews by telephone 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Republican identification fell to 25%, the lowest over that time span. At 31%, Democratic identification is unchanged from the last four years but down from 36% in 2008." 

Somos Independents -- a group led by women and Mexican American / Latina(o) independent registered voters refuse to support taxation without representation ideas mentioned in Speaker Boehner's proposal.    Our group does not consist of naive politically undereducated undocumented DREAM Act students who have been splintered by the GOP, and in fact we know there are some undocumented DREAM Act student immigrants who are willing to take less not knowing the political consequences due to being in desperate situations.  Speaker Boehner knows that introducing taxation without representation ideals chip away at what sparked our American Revolution.

People who are taxed ought to be represented, and we must not support an underclass.

According to the Independent Voter Network (IVN):  
"The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. ... These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative. 
But will the "current" Tea Party movement  go against what the Boston Tea Party actually stood for?  Will the Tea GOP create an underclass with undocumented immigrants Speaker Boehner and the Republican Party are trying to propose?  Women, independent and Latino voters are hawkish with continued Republican hypocrisy with regard to taxation issues.  In fact several moderate Republicans have already dumped the tea and left the Republican party. 
Here is a list of Republicans who already dumped the Tea Party GOP:
  • Charlie Crist -- Florida Republican Governor
  • Ana Rivas --  Former Florida State Representative
  • Loretta Sanchez -- California Representative who ran as a Republican in 1994 for an Anaheim City Council seat. She changed parties two years later and beat out incumbent Bob Dornan for a spot in the U.S. Congress. 
  • Judge Carlo Key announced that he will seek reelection as a Democrat.
  • DeeDee Garcia Blase -- Founder of Somos Republicans leaves GOP and forms Tequila Party (now Somos Independents) to counter Tea Party 
  • Laura Garza -- Texas leader of Somos Republicans
  • Pablo Pantoja -- High-profile Latino Republican, the former head of Hispanic outreach for Florida’s RNC. 
  • Ryan Trabuco -- California leader of Somos Republicans
  • Jimmy LaSalvia -- GOProud co-founder has officially announced that he is abandoning the Republican Party 
It is interesting how the Democratic-controlled Senate bill included those who are getting taxed to receive representation though it takes a lengthy 13 -16 years to get there.  On the other hand, the GOP won't even give immigrants representation.
Here is what Speaker Boehner and the GOP is proposing below. 


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