Will Texas Land Commissioner via George P. Bush Fix Cisnero Family Land Disputes?

Alex Ruiz, a/k/a David Alejandro Ruiz has been getting the Texas runaround with regard to land his family owns.  This is not your ordinary land grant issue …. nay, this story has to do with the Cisnero family who has possession of the land title deed.

Ruiz reached out to George P. Bush who is now the head of the Texas General Land Office to no avail, so when the time comes for the Republican National Committee or the GOP to reach out to “Hispanic / Latino” voters come 2016 with George P. Bush as the brown pawn — we will be right here to remind Chicanos and Latinos how George P. Bush dropped the ball as Texas Land Commissioner when an influential Texas family member sought professional public servant advice.




Ruiz also contacted Senator John Cornyn’s office with regard to the land title his family owns dating back to 1792.  Sen. Cornyn’s office pointed Ruiz to the General Land Office — getting more bureaucracy.

Ruiz has been persistent and has been following the land sale(s) that rightfully belong to the Cisnero family.  Recently Texas House Bill 724 eventually led nowhere during the 84TH Legislative Session but we now have on record an elitist attorney for Kennedy and Kleberg Estates who is on record for stating the original land and deed holders “do not exist”.    (Video being uploaded and we will continue to follow this story with more and updated information.)

Members of the Cisnero family want to know how to hold Texas oil companies accountable for the mineral rights that rightfully belong to them.

Last year, Mr. Ruiz gave a letter to a CIA agent (to give to President Barack Obama) when he and other members of Chingon played for the President.  However, we do not believe the Secret Service agent ensured the letter was given to President Obama and we are now following up on the letter.  The letter was hand delivered to a Secret Service Agent on July 9, 2014 at a Democratic Fundraising Party when Ruiz and Chingon band members performed at.

Ruiz wrote:


July 9, 2014

Dear President Obama,

It gives me great pleasure to be the first in my family to meet, greet and sing for you. My name is David A. Ruiz. I am the lead singer for Robert Rodriguez’ band, Chingon.


I have been a supporter of yours throughout your administration. I know you are an answer to many prayers whispered throughout American History. I have seen your struggles within the House and want you to know that you are not alone. You have awakened The Nation.


I am writing this letter also as a way to reach Washington in a much needed time for South Texas Pioneer Families, who have been afflicted by criminal activities with no help from the Texas government system. We are engaged in a long series of disputes with the State of Texas and General Land Office, Comptroller’s Office, and Railroad Commission dating back to Civil War times, when Texas was just joining the Union.


We have proof of crimes and grand theft over lands and livestock and now minerals from certain families. These families and Texas still have control over these lands to this day. We are asking for justice to be served and for Texas to withhold the Rule of Law which we feel has been one sided throughout Texas History.


We are currently involved in a referendum with Texas House Bill 724. In this Bill there are hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars being allocated to the State and its departments in which we have known for a long time have belonged to these families I speak of. These monies get allocated and dispersed to a long list of personnel and it is the monies we here in Texas call “Dark Monies”. Unfortunately, a system of government infected with corruption and ruthless ambition and greed.


With violations of territorial integrity and a history of intimidation and unethical means by people in power here in the Texas system this has become an endemic problem within the US boundaries. We seek the immediate assistance of Washington or any World Court that could help us with these corruptions and inefficiencies. We need to hold those accountable for their actions that have wronged the families of the pioneers of Texas.


We are respectfully asking you to lead us through this dark valley. We need the US Department of Justice to see that our people who hold titles and have precedence are still protected by the US treaties of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which President Lincoln signed, and The Adams Onis Treaty of 1819, which protects the rights and lands of our Spanish Pioneer families against hostile take overs and grandfather clauses.


Would you please help us in our cause to redirect Texas Government for the people and by the people.

To conclude with a quote from President Harry S. Truman: “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”


God Speed Mr. President, we send our love and prayers for you and your family. As is practiced in South Texas: Mi casa humilde es su casa.


If you would like more information or to speak with me about this matter, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]




Semper Fidelis


David Alejandro Ruiz

P.O. Box 33

Austin, Texas 78767

[email protected]

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