Wilmer Valderrama Not Entirely Correct On Independent Chicano / Latino Voters

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In 2012, Coca-Cola Co gave more money to Republicans (including Tea Party bigots) than Democratic candidates.  Coca-cola also gives money to Voto Latino.


Recently Wilmer Valderrama told Voto Latino:  "...that Latinos will back candidates without ties to either major political party if President Obama fails to act on immigration this year..."

This is not true.  

For starters, there are not very many independent candidates out there, and as an informed voter, we cannot blindly support all independent candidates who have a history of anti-immigration bigotry, too. We cannot forget how anti-immigrant bigot Tom Tancredo ran as an independent in Colorado and we must be careful.  Thus far, our independent voter group has endorsed only one independent candidate in Kansas via Greg Orman this year because he is vetted and is able to beat a Republican who harms pro growth ideas.

Simply put:  What we must do is buckle down, and vote for the candidate who is the most immigrant-friendly based on their legislative records.  Even then, informed women voters are additionally cautious not to support political candidates who have a domestic violence history which adds another level in deciding how to vote.  It is a well known fact that most of the Democratic candidates tend to be more immigrant-friendly than Republican candidates right now -- however, there are a few pesky Democrats who voted in line with Tea Party Republican bigotry. 

Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by American-born women of Mexican heritage.  There are more women voters than male, and we know that Mexican American / Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographic in our Nation.  As an independent voter group, it is well known that independents put "People over Party" and we will NOT support "throwing our votes away" on a National scale.  What independent voters should do when an open primary system is not available, is weed out the extremist during primary elections to attain a better political playing field during the general election.

We must never forget that it was the Democratic-led Senate that passed immigration reform almost 1 1/2 years ago, while the Republican-led House of Representatives do nothing and refuse to move legal immigration reform forward!

It is one thing for Wilmer Valderrama to work with organizations like Voto Latino (who tell people to vote), but it is extremely important for "Latin" based Get Out The Vote organizations to give our "gente" (people) a pro-immigrant guideline to help in eliminating politicians who are anti-Mexican, anti-Latino and anti-immigrant.  What good is a vote if our gente does not use it towards politicians who like us?   Valderrama should also note Voto Latino receives monies from corporate interests like Coca-Cola, yet when you look at Coca-Cola's contributions, you will find they are also giving monies to anti-immigrant politicians, too. 

Chicano and Latino voters MUST make informed decisions regardless of what uninformed celebrities want us to believe.

Fernando Espuelas agrees.  Here's his latest tweet:




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