Woman-led Organization Slams Charlie Janssen for Targeting Prenatal Care and Low Income Women

Would the Nebraska Senator Charlie Janssen rather undocumented women receive abortions?  Why is Janssen attacking prenatal care given both to the unborn and women who choose to keep their babies?

Make no mistake, we will be hawkish with regard to the National Right to Life and the Nebraska Right to Lifers to see how they are going to handle lawmakers who claim to be pro life but do what is in their power to eliminate prenatal care to the unborn.

Shirl Mora James, Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer and also President of SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly the National Tequila Party Movement) chimes in and states:

“Sen. Charlie Janssen of Fremont introduced legislation (LB518) Wednesday to repeal a state law that gives prenatal care to women in the country without status.  He is attacking innocents.”

Read the full story By KEVIN O’HANLON / Lincoln Journal Star:

Janssen goes after prenatal care for illegal immigrants

Last session, senators voted 30-16 to override Gov. Dave Heineman’s veto of a bill (LB599) that restored funding for prenatal coverage to low-income women, many of them undocumented, who lost Medicaid coverage for prenatal care in 2010.

The override caused conflict for lawmakers who label themselves pro-life but also oppose people being in the United States illegally.

Heineman said at the time that “providing preferential treatment to illegals while increasing taxes on legal Nebraska citizens is misguided, misplaced and inappropriate.”

The override so infuriated Heineman that he cited that as a reason for campaigning before the November election against a ballot measure that would have given lawmakers a raise. The measure was rejected by voters.

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