Women and Hispanic Voters Applaud Rep. Jared Polis On Urgent Immigration Message Blocked By Republicans

If you are guessing what Mexican American / Latino voters look for with regard to politicians and the level of intensity and urgency on fixing the broken immigration system -- look no more.  Rep. Jared Polis nailed it.  He knows the GOP is blocking immigration reform from advancing.  As such, we are going to tell those key swing independent voters in Colorado the kind of material they should keep!

It's too bad GOP leaders like Speaker John Boehner and Reince Priebus are out of touch with common hard working people and women.

[tnivideo caption="Rep. Jared Polis On Immigration" credit=""]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7EjH16d7aY[/tnivideo]

Rep. Jared Polis on Immigration
Rep. Jared Polis on Immigration


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