Women-led Independent Voter Group Applauds Fred DuVal Candidate For Arizona Governor For Strong Swift Reaction Against Sexism

“…At both ends of the road, To the left and the right…”  -- George Harrison


Key swing independent voters are now the largest voting bloc in Arizona surpassing Republican voters.  Arizonans have watched the current Republican Governor Jan Brewer embrace disastrous economic restrictionism and isolationism that counter genuine free market principles.   Independents have the ability to break away from Republican rule and who have been essentially holding us hostage.  According to a recent poll by Rassmussen Reports, "Doug Ducey earns 47 percent of the vote to Fred DuVal’s 42 percent with approximately 7 percent who remain undecided.

That said, we would like to highlight a man who has demonstrated distinguished leadership and who is running for Arizona Governor.   Words cannot express our gratitude towards candidate Fred DuVal for putting into action his values and principles over politics with his swift reaction against a horrific sexist remark against lawmaker Catherine Miranda.  He did so even though Miranda supported his opponent and we consider this noble and an act towards healing.  It is a rare thing for voters to see this type of  behavior right before election day, and it is our intent to inform fellow women voters, independent voters and moderate Republican voters (who do not vote straight ticket all the time) of this because we believe DuVal is ready to serve us as Governor of Arizona.

DuVal could have simply chosen to look the other way with regard to sexist remarks, but instead took a high road earning him a distinguished place in women’s hearts.  DuVal quickly defended women in a swift manner when no other Democratic leadership rose to the outward public occasion with regard to disavowing the Stonewall Democrats.  DuVal's act will not go unrecongized.  We believe DuVal reacted immediately because he truly recognizes women as equals -- affording the same respect to women as men receive from other men in a male dominated political environment.  For the record, Stonewall Democrats apologized for the sexist remark after refusing to do so upon initial request.

Women have come a long way since the Mark Twain / Votes For Women era, but we still have a long way to go in the way of reducing sexist remarks in the political atmosphere.  Women watched in horror the increase of misogyny when both Democratic Hillary Clinton and Republican Sarah Palin ran for office and we are absolutely hawkish and committed to doing what we can to minimize male chauvinism today and in the future.

DuVal is a calculated risk for Arizona voters because having a Democrat as Governor will help balance out extremism from an already Republican-led state legislature in Arizona. We must balance ourselves from extremist ideas Tea Party Doug Ducey brings to the Arizona table, therefore, we are fully endorsing Fred DuVal for Arizona Governor.




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