Won't Attend Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders Protests in Arizona After Illinois Violence

I got invited to a Trump rally protest  but I think it's wise for me to avoid going to Donald Trump protests in our gun open carry state of Arizona.  Last week, the nation and the world witnessed the violence erupt between Trump and Bernie supporters in Chicago.  The chaos we are seeing this political season between the far right and far left fringes is not what I want to see for our United States.



 Arizona is an open carry state


According to the New York Times, Donald Trump's rally in Chicago was canceled after violence erupted.

The BBC chimed in on the Illinois clash and stated:

There were chants for Mr Trump from his supporters and for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders from some of the protesters.

...  Violent clashes continued outside the venue, with helicopter footage showing chaotic scenes as police attempted to control the large crowds.


One thing that concerns me is that the State of Illinois is not an open carry state like Arizona is.  We do have tea party gun slinging whackos here who like to flaunt their open carry gun rights.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of guns because I was trained on numerous weapons when I served the military and am quite comfortable with them.  What I am afraid of is unreasonable trigger happy tea party people having their tempers flared.

One tea party Republican crazy I can think of was a local Arizona vigilante -- JT Ready:

On Wednesday, authorities said Ready walked into a house in a suburb east of Phoenix and opened fire, killing four people, including his girlfriend and a toddler, before killing himself.

Far from disabusing anyone of the idea he was bigot, Ready's email was filled with invectives about Jews and immigrants. But it detailed the politicians and events he said helped him find his way to extremism over the years.



As it stands, I am going to gladly sit these #TrumpRally protests out, and I pray and hope we do not see here in Arizona the violence we saw in Illinois (between Bernie and Trump supporters).   I sincerely hope nobody gets hurt here in Arizona.



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